About Me

I grew up in east Tennessee, went to college in Chattanooga, then lived in South Carolina and Russia for a couple years while I worked with Campus Crusade for Christ. Once I met the love of my life in Budapest (she’s from Ohio), we moved to Jackson, Mississippi where I got master’s degrees in marriage & family therapy and theological studies. After that, because I really wanted a white Christmas, we moved to Colorado where I worked with adolescents in community mental health settings. After yet a few more years, and baby number one, we moved to Virginia where I got my PhD in marriage and family therapy (technically it’s in “human development” but whatever). After a few years of that, and baby number two, we moved to Arkansas where I worked at a faith-based treatment center for young men while finishing up the dissertation…and having baby number three. Finally, we moved to Mobile in 2016. And we’re still here…homeschooling…sans chickens.


Psychotherapy ethics
Self of the therapist


Good Enough Therapy LLC

Professional Counselor and Marriage & Family Therapist • April 2023 – Current • Mobile, AL

Under this umbrella, I provide individual, couple, and family therapy; clinical supervision to associates in the community; and supervision mentoring to MFT supervisor candidates.

University of Mobile

Associate Professor of Marriage and Family Counseling • August 2022 – Current • Mobile, AL

Assistant Professor of Marriage and Family Counseling • August 2016 – 2022 • Mobile, AL

I teach and train graduate students in the art and science of therapy and self-reflection.

Courses Taught

MFC 540 Foundations of Counseling
MFC 541 Personality Theories
MFC 542 Mental Disorders: Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment
MFC 544 Individual & Family Development
MFC 545 Group Counseling
MFC 551 Family Systems Theories & Therapies
MFC 552 Family Development
MFC 554 Marriage & Family Counseling I (Strategic, Structural, Cognitive-Behavioral, Solution-Focused, Narrative)
MFC 555 Marriage & Family Counseling II (Bowen, Experiential, Object Relations, IFS)
MFC 556 Couples Therapy (Gottman, EFT, IBCT)
MFC 565 Research Techniques & Data Analysis in Marriage & Family Counseling
MFC 571 Ethical & Legal Issues
MFC 575 Crisis and Trauma
MFC 578 Marriage and Family Counseling Practicum I
MFC 579 Marriage and Family Counseling Practicum II
MFC 582 Internship
PSY 301 Human Growth & Development (Undergraduate)
PSY 323 Introduction to Family Therapy (Undergraduate)


Virginia Tech

PhD in Human Development (concentration in MFT) • May 2014 • Blacksburg, VA

Reformed Theological Seminary

MA in Marriage & Family Therapy & Counseling • December 2006 • Jackson, MS

MA in Theological Studies • May 2007 • Jackson, MS

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

BS in Psychology • December 1998 • Chattanooga, TN